Why Greece?

At the crossroads between Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa, Greece is reachable from all major cities in Europe and beyond. Most of the hotels are fully renovated or even rebuilt and have invested in additional facilities, supplying a variety of alternative services like Spa Centers and Thalassotherapy, Sports Grounds and Restaurants of exquisite gastronomic aesthetics that make the stay unique.

The Greeks are deeply cultural and hospitable people. Every single month of the year, in all parts of the country, well known feasts take place with music, dance and local dishes, offering visitors unforgettable experiences. The ideal weather conditions make Greece the perfect destination for hosting all kinds of professional meetings & events or groups of special interest, since most of the year the weather is mild and summer is somehow present.

Why Manessis Travel?

Our local knowledge and expertise make us irreplaceable!

At Manessis Travel we are objective about attractions and venues, and realistic about travel times and traffic patterns. And we choose among the best suppliers, plus being permanently updated on the latest hosting market trends.

We provide the best customer service, returning your phone calls and replying your emails promptly. Our employees are willing to help you at all times. We provide the best options in order to find the right venue or restaurant and we choose the right menu to serve your specific needs. Our onsite Representative will help you with plans and will allow for flexibility in your program (which could be difficult when a project is managed from afar).  Plus, you won’t have to deal with loads of invoices from different vendors, just one!


Years of Experience


Travelers every year!


Hotels in cooperation all over Greece

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We Stay Home »- We Are Next To You!

Following the guidelines of the State, conscious of our responsibility to society as a whole, “We Stay Home” and protect our health and the lives of the people we love.

We are at your disposal for everything you need.

Manessis Travel SA continues its operation with security personnel, as far as possible, to provide its services with remote access, using the tools of technology immediately and safely.

The virus will pass, life will win! The trip goes on!

Until then, “We Stay Home”, we follow the instructions of the experts and take care of the health of ourselves and our people. Because the greatest good is human life.