Tablet Discovery Game

The Tablet Discovery Game is a team building activity that can be offered in several ways: from an “alternative” sightseeing without a guide, a Treasure Hunt game which combines the most interesting areas of the town visited, an interactive game where the participants will have to make also videos and photos with their team and finally a game that could be combined with cultural-tasting-team building activities on the way.

Soap Box Race

This is a stimulating and exciting team building activity, which combines team bonding, communication and cooperation with a fun and unique race!! The teams build their own small wooden cars and decorate them according to their wishes and imagination. Then the team drives the same cars in a small “formula” race where according to the area of operation we can have pit stops, double lanes and decoration of a “small” race track.

The Rib Experience

Active and pleasure are the key words of this event using the rib boats

The speed of a rib boat in the sea is similar to a sport car on the road; therefore the experience is that of a very active event. In the same time it offers a comfortable and fast mean of transportation to several coastal points at the Saronic Gulf and it can be combined with a visit to one of the islands around, swimming in remote sea spots, snorkeling and relaxing time or even a competitive activity that each team should fulfill some tasks and have a winning team!

Sounio Road Rally

Quality time management and creativity are the mark of our Road Rally program. Teams in this adventure navigate their way through roadways, by 4×4 jeeps, on road or off the beaten path. Each team will receive a set of instructions (Road Book) containing directions to checkpoints they must locate along the trail that leads to their final destination. The Sounion Road Rally can be accompanied by additional events or tasks for the teams to complete. These can include team-building events, which can be located at a secluded spot inside the National Park or even at the site of the Temple, or Greek tastings during the fabulous Road Trip.

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Yachting in Greek islands


The coastline of Greece is 13.676km, therefore, is the largest coastline in the Mediterranean. The most popular sailing areas of the Greece charter are the Aegean Sea, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades and Ionian Sea. More than 2500 islands with known or unknown, noisy or isolated, sand or pebbles beaches and countless ports are waiting to be discovered… so if you wish to explore them, the best way is the boat rental. Send us an email and we will be happy to reply on your request.

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Scooterise Athens


See Athens from a whole new angle! Fast, safe, and fun, the Trikke provides a unique, personalized way to get around Athens, and lets you set the pace and location of your tour.

Perfect for families, groups, and couples – our specially designed electric Trikke tours are the newest way to easily explore some of the city’s most-loved sites, including the Plaka, Monastiraki, Kallimarmaro Stadium and many more. Or build your own custom itinerary and see the secret side of this ancient city.

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The activities below are Half-day or Multi-day tours with meet up and end location the city of Nafplio or Athens.

Greek Honey and Ouzo


In this excursion, we learn the secrets of beekeeping and ouzo.
At first, we “invade” the enchanting world of the unique Greek Ouzo and Tsipouro. We visit a local distillery, we learn their history and characteristics and we admire the distillery museum. At the end of this heady journey, we taste the traditional local spirits of ouzo, tsipouro and various local liqueurs, accompanied by Greek traditional dishes.

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Roads of Wine


On this trip of wine, we visit the endless vineyards of Nemea and we learn the secrets of wine and winemaking. We visit two wineries of the region and a traditional vinegar and petimezi production unit and we taste unique varieties of wine, accompanied by Greek dishes. We meet their producers and we discuss the details of wine-making.

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Olive Oil


In the trip of olive, we learn the secrets of this sacred tree from prehistory until today. We walk in olive groves, we collect the fruits of a tree and we turn them into pure olive oil while we cook Greek meals with olive oil as the main ingredient.
Ideal time to perform this unique trip is the harvest season, from mid-October until mid-January each year.
An experience that will surely remain indelibly etched in the mind of each participant

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Photography Expedition


Nafplio is widely known as an ideal photographic destination of Greece. By the view of a visitor, we see once again the fabric of the city that is built to defend itself and we render it into photograph, through a different angle. Venetian balconies, castles, turrets, arcades, canons and many other spots are only a few of what we can capture through a perfect photographic angle.

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